Embroidered Items

Military Promotions offers you the ability to embroider your custom logo on a wide range of items.

Pricing for embroidery is based on two factors.
The first is the cost of the item in which you're going to embroider on. Much like shopping at any retail store the price for an item such as a polo shirt and vary depending on the brand.

The second factor is the cost of the logo to be embroidered. 
Pricing for embroidery is based on the total
number of stitches being used.

Below you will find a few samples of the quality and detail you can expect from Military Promotions.

To view a large assortment of items to embroider visit: www.accinfo.com 
Once you find an item you like just advise us of the style number and we will provide you with pricing.


We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of promotional products and look forward to hearing from you.